Service of complex chemization (CC) and the infrastructure protection from complications:

  • complex solution of problems during oil production, transportation, preparation and delivery with the help of chemical and technological solutions aimed on reducing the cost of owning infrastructure, extending the life time of equipment and reducing the cost of oil production.

The service covers all the stages of oil production, preparation and transportation, when the contractor assumes responsibility for the choice of location, the way of injection, the selection of products and is responsible for the final result - a reduction in the specific breakdown, the costs of eliminating the consequences of accidents, and increasing the equipment's failure rates.


  • Protection of oilfield equipment against corrosion (wells, pipelines);
  • Protection of oilfield equipment from scaling (wells, pipelines, oil treatment unit facilities);
  • Protection of oilfield equipment against asphaltene deposits (wells, pipelines);
  • Protection of oilfield equipment from hydrate deposition;
  • Fighting the bio-contamination of oilfield environments;
  • Oil preparation;
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of ongoing work.
204Comprehensive chemization and protection of infrastructure from complications
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