Health and life protection of the personnel, professional skills development, career progression ensuring stand among the major priorities of the company. Management of the company recognizes in full that investments in human capital assets make the company competitive, unique, prosperous at the market.

Workplace safety and health maintenance

Issues of safety – maintenance of health and life of employees – are resolving in the company both at the administrative level and at the level of personal responsibility of each employee.

A series of mandatory measures is adopted in the company. They are designed to minimize factors which may cause personal injury at workplaces:

  • Medical examination upon entry into employment.
  • Labor protection and fire safety briefing.
  • Instruction in labor protection, fire and industrial safety.
  • Briefing on collective protective equipment use.
  • Briefing and control over personal protective means wearing.
  • Carrying out of special evaluation study of labor protection.

Top-manager of the company is an example of bringing the idea of health lifestyle to daily life. HR-department by the support of the company’s management commence regularly participation in various sport events, which contribute in development of physical abilities of employees and growth of sense of collective responsibility and raise of team spirit. In 2006 the team Mirrico took a second place in corporate relay within the framework of international Kazan Marathon “Believe in yourself”.

Labor pool

Mirrico group of companies is making ambitious plans for the future, and thus even now it is thinking of labor pool. For participants of labor pool program a personal management plan is developed; it includes involvement in innovation activity, provision of additional tools by training programs, for example, an opportunity to unite in working teams and expert alliances at virtual platforms.

Personnel training

Development of the company directly depends on professional competence and enrichment experiences of all employees: the company carries out a continuing training program, aimed at transfer of new knowledge in the field of studies which are important for the company, as well as improvement of managerial knowledge and skills. Within the framework of the program a portal of Knowledge management system is created, which accumulates ideas and matured experience, assisting in working process.

Staff recruitment

Personnel staff is analyzing even in the stage of recruitment: only those who reached a high professional level; and therewith who is close to us by his mentality, principles and spirit., are invited to the company. Both established specialists and recent graduates are welcoming to employment.

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