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Phase-separation technology allowed to return to the end-customer 772 m3 of oil out of 800 m3 of extracted sludge.
Mirrico's offices in Kazan and Moscow work remotely
Dear colleagues, partners. Starting from March 20th Mirrico's offices in Kazan and Moscow have been locked down and transferred to remote work.
The Mirrico Group has modernized its IT-infrastructure.

A scalable and failure-proof heterogeneous network was created within the framework of a complex project using switches, routers, network firewalls, IP-telephony and wireless access points. The HUAWEI company partnered with Mirrico in this modernization project. Integration ran in a routine mode without putting on hold any of the business processes.


The Mirrico Group is the only owner of the right to render services using DYCLAR technology. This technology of effective and economical water purification - unique for the domestic market – is protected from copying.

The Mirrico Group together with Qiwi Blockchain Technologies (QBT) is developing SenSef blockchain platform for the petrochemical industry.

SenSef we are the first digitalization solution for petrochemical industry cluster focusing on special chemistry. The platform currently undergoes beta testing. The launch is planned for 2020.

Experts of Mirrico presented the DYCLAR dynamic water clarification technology to the representatives of mining industry
The specialists of Water Technologies and Service Division (Mirrico Group) held round tables within the framework of major industry exhibitions - "Coal of Russia and Mining" and "Bauma STT" ("Environmental technologies for mining" section).
The first stage of pilot treatment of water reservoirs in Nizhny Tagil using the DYCLAR unit was successful

A meeting on the results of the first stage of pilot testing of the DYCLAR water treatment technology conducted by the specialists of Mirrico Group was held at the Nizhny Tagil Mayor's Office.

The Mirrico Group received a positive conclusion on the results of pilot treatment of water bodies in Nizhny Tagil

The specialists of Water Technologies and Service Division (the Mirrico Group) completed pilot tests on treatment of water from the Chernoistochinsky and Verkhny-Viysky reservoirs, and the Nizhnytagilsky pond with a unit operating on the DYCLAR dynamic clarification technology. The tests were aimed at evaluating the possibility of using this technology for centralized drinking water supply systems.

The Mirrico Group is involved in the reconstruction of mine water treatment system of Raspadskaya Coal Company

Specialists of Water Technologies and Service Division have designed treatment facilities for the customer and started to supply the processing equipment to Alardinskaya mine (Kemerovo Oblast). Valves have already been delivered to the site, the transportation of oversized cargo - cases for the DYCLAR dynamic clarifiers - has started.

The DYCLAR dynamic water clarification technology of the Mirrico Group has shown its effectiveness in pilot tests in Nizhny Tagil

According to the Mayor Vladislav Pinaev, the water is treated, the results from Rospotrebnadzor and independent experts are pending: "As of today, the company's expert group, which has worked for one month, has statistical data and will issue its conclusion. So far, the results are excellent" (based on

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High Standard

High Standard

• The MARTin robot entered the top 25 promising technological projects in Russia;
• Well-Slide is a high-performance water-based drilling fluid: economical against environmental concerns;
• The first Russian coke-inhibitor Dewaxol shows an efficiency comparable to foreign analogs;
• Less water, more oil: ATREN WSO is an effective solution for limiting water inflow and increasing oil recovery.
These and other events are in the special October issue of The High Stroke.

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КазМунайХим в сотрудничестве с ГК «Миррико» открыл производство химии
КазМунайХим в сотрудничестве с ГК «Миррико» открыл производство химии
В Казахстане открылось производство малотоннажной химии КазМунайХим в сотрудничестве с ГК «Миррико». Подробнее о локализации производства рассказал Айдар Хакимов, начальник отдела продаж химических решений для добычи нефти ГК «Миррико».
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Published on: 02 august 2022
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