Since 2012, the MARTin robot developed by the MIRRICO Group has been removing oil sludge from vertical oil tanks, washing tanks' walls, bottoms and roofs from sediments, providing further processing of removed sludge. MARTin complexes effectively operate at oil producing, transporting and refining enterprises at the Russian Federation and neighboring countries.

The robotic technology for cleaning tanks is certified in the Russian Federation, and has also been granted with European explosion protection certificate - ATEX.

We offer safe and environmentally friendly robotic units – MARTin - that allow you to clean tanks without the presence of personnel inside the tank. We have developed four basic and most popular configurations of the sets of equipment. We are also ready to develop and offer additional specifications for the specific needs of our customers.

Advantages of the robotic MARTin unit
  • Short terms of tank cleaning due to:

    • work in 24/7 mode;
    • high speed of pumping the sludge and increased productivity of the processing unit;
    • short terms of installation / dismantling of equipment;
    • no need for site preparation or use of crane equipment;
  • Multiple reduction in the volume of oil wastes obtained that leads to a reduction in the cost of its transportation to the landfill for further disposal;
  • Possibility of earning additional revenues by selling petroleum products extracted from bottom sediments;
  • 100% safety in terms of labour protection, industrial and environmental safety;
  • Cleaning operations might be carried out throughout the whole year at temperatures from –25 to +70 ° С;
  • High quality of cleaning at any temperatures inside the tanks.
Advantages of the robotic MARTin unit
  • Suitable for cleaning tanks of any type (volume from 200 up to 120,000 m3);
  • Mobile execution;
  • Autonomous work (connection to electricity, steam or water might not be required);
  • High cross-country ability, maneuverability and stability of the robotic scavenger due to the proprietary know-how - a two-section base on 4 tracks;
  • Cleaning of hard-to-reach places (in case there are restrictions by pontoon stands, steam registers, etc.);
  • No vacuum machines or super suckers are required - the robotic unit is equipped with its own pumps to pump out viscous sludge.

Safety and environmental friendliness:

  • Minimum water consumption due to its regeneration by the MARTin unit;
  • Possibility of processing the extracted oil sludge into oil, water and cake;
  • Explosion-proof design complying with EX-zone 0 standard. The equipment is fully certified and complies with the EU - ATEX directive.
435Robotic cleaning method of oilfield equipment
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