Operational costs reduction in oil and gas processing

As part of their operation, refineries encounter a number of common problems, that can be resolved or significantly reduced by using chemicals:

  1. corrosion wear of processing equipment because of the aggressive chemical environment impact;
  2. formation of coke deposits on the internal surface of equipment, primarily in the coils of ovens, reaction chambers, heat exchangers.

"Mirrico" group of companies offers chemicals of own production for resolving these problems:

  1. chemicals for primary crude oil processing:
  2. chemicals for secondary crude oil processing:
  3. chemicals of thermal processes of oil and gas processing:

The use of "Mirrico" Group's proprietary chemicals will:

  1. reduce the risk of occurrence of various types of emergency situations by ensuring efficient chemical and technological protection of equipment against corrosion and coking;
  2. reduce operating costs by uninterrupted operation of equipment, increased mean time between failure, reduced costs for repair/replacement of corroded equipment and costs for cleaning of coke deposits/corrosion products, which will significantly increase the economic efficiency of the entire plant.  
Reducing operating costs by protection and ensuring uninterrupted operation of processing equipment for oil and gas refinery processes

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