Moisture condensing in the helmet flows of the columns, is the main cause of corrosion of the secondary oil refining equipment. As a rule, such moisture contains chlorohydric acid, and even hydrochloric acid and hydrosulphuric acid, which is much worse. Thus, moisture is an electrolyte, which leads to corrosion throughout the electrochemical mechanism. A corrosion inhibitor, which is adsorbed on the surface of the metal, is fed into the flow for mechanical and chemical protection of the walls of the pipelines. The intensity of corrosion processes of condensation equipment of distillation columns of secondary oil refining units may be decreased by protecting the internal walls of the equipment by using film-forming corrosion inhibitors.

Petroleum Refining and Petroleum Chemistry business-line of Mirrico Group of Companies delivers reagents for chemical-technological protection of secondary oil refining processes against corrosion, produced by Mirrico Group of Companies, and carries out technical support of reagent treatment at all stages, from laboratory selection to industrial dosing.  

Delivery of corrosion inhibitors of Scimol™ line allows to create an adsorption protective film on the internal walls of the process flow pipelines, and so to reduce significantly corrosion processes of the equipment for secondary oil refining units (delayed coker, PGI-DIG unit, stabilization of naphtha, sour water stripping, hydrocracking, hydrotreating, etc.).

235Additives for oil re-refining and corrosion prevention
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