Petroleum Refining and Petroleum Chemistry business-line of Mirrico Group of Companies delivers Dewaxol inhibitors of coke formation, developed and produced by Mirrico Group of Companies, and carries out technical support of reagent treatment at all stages, from laboratory selection to industrial dosing.

One of the main problems of thermal processes (viscosity breaking, thermal cracking, separation of delayed coker products, etc.), which leads to a decrease in the efficiency of the process and a reduction in the overhaul life, is coking of technological equipment (furnaces, heat-exchanging units, distillation columns, etc.) and pipelines. Coking can lead to premature shutdown of the units for cleaning. Coke is formed due to high-temperature chemical reactions of formation of asphaltenes, resins, and then carbenes and carboides. The use of Dewaxol™ inhibitors of coke formation produced by Mirrico Group of Companies can become a solution of the problem.

Dewaxol™ inhibitors of coke formation can effectively reduce the process of coke formation. It helps to increase overhaul life of the unit, and the process can be conducted in a more rigid mode in order to increase conversion of raw materials and reduce viscosity of the final product.

207Coking inhibitors for oil and gas processing
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