Petroleum Refining and Petroleum Chemistry business-line of Mirrico Group of Companies delivers reagents for crude oil distillation, developed and produced by Mirrico Group of Companies, and carries out technical support of reagent treatment at all stages, from laboratory selection to industrial dosing.

Protection of the equipment against corrosion is the most important task of provision of trouble free operation of an oil refinery. Particular attention should be paid to the process of crude oil distillation, which is one of the most metal-intensive because of high productivity, exposure of aggressive chemical media and high temperatures. Corrosion damage results in unscheduled shutdowns, accidents and, as a result, losses of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products. Premature failure of condensation-refrigeration equipment requires either full replacement of it, or additional funds for the repair of failed equipment, which significantly reduces the economic efficiency of the entire enterprise as a whole. Our reagents package allows us to reduce significantly the intensity of corrosion processes in CDU / VDU units. All reagents have been tested for compatibility and do not have a negative impact on the quality of final petroleum products, including the quality of aviation kerosene.

211Package of additives for crude oil distillation
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