Water treatment and water purification technologies
Water treatment and water purification technologies

In most cases, the quality of water from natural sources doesn't meet the requirements for water used for the preparation of drinking water, and water used at industrial enterprises for technological purposes. For this reason, prior to shipment to the enterprise, water from natural sources undergoes conditioning which in decontamination of the water from different impurities and scale. This is done to prevent further deposition of salts, scaling and corrosion on the heat transfer equipment.

In order to bring water properties to the values established by the relevant regulations and requirements of technological equipment, enterprises use:

  • chemicals;
  • reverse osmosis units;
  • various types of filters.

In order to ensure uninterrupted and stable modes of water treatment, it is very important to correctly select reagents and equipment for water treatment that will meet the requirements of a particular process.

As part of water treatment service, "Water Circulation System Service" Business Unit supplies chemicals of its own production, selection and implementation of reverse osmosis units and filtration equipment required for water treatment for every specific technological process.

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