Services of Water Technologies and Service Division:

  • Development of process diagram for water treatment, purification of waste- and mine waters.
  • Conducting full-scale tests on DYCLAR™ pilot test units to demonstrate guaranteed achievement of purified water quality.
  • Development of design specifications and estimation documents.
  • Production and supply of water treatment and wastewater purification equipment based on proprietary DYCLAR™ technology, counterflow ion exchange equipment, as well as standard technologies using reverse osmosis plants and EDI for water treatment plants and effluent treatment facilities for the utility services, power supply industry, oil and gas production and processing, black and non-ferrous metallurgy, chemical industry.
  • Construction and installation works and commissioning.
  • Selection of chemicals for pre-treatment of river, process or wastewater, as well as for reverse osmosis systems.
  • Preparation of chemical treatment programs, supply of necessary equipment for dosing chemicals and control devices.
  • Supply of chemicals for maintenance of reverse osmosis systems and restoration of membranes.
  • Chemical water treatment services.
176Supply of chemicals and water pre-treatment
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