Organo-mineral composition, with density varying in the range of 1.06-1.50 g/cm³. Preparation of the composition on brines and formation water is allowed.


CaveBlock™ представляет собой состав с мгновенной фильтрацией.

The main factor in the catastrophic circulation loss control: the formation of a dense screen - pseudo-rock - in the absorption zone due to the high filtration rate of the composition with minimal pressure drops.


It is used to eliminate catastrophic losses of drilling mud, and as a lost circulation material before cementing casing strings. Recommended to be used to control lost circulation in fractured-cavernous and cavernous rocks, as well as in the absence of pressure build-up during injection of large bridging agents.


  • Does not affect the mineralization and pH of the confining fluid;
  • neutral to hydrogen sulfide aggression;
  • the composition is not affected by the presence of underground currents;
  • preparation of the composition is safe - there is no risk of the preparation equipment cementing and drill pipes;
  • no dependence on temperature - can be used in the range of 0-150 ° С;
  • the composition is environmentally friendly and can be safely used in the circulation loss control in the upper absorption intervals with strict environmental requirements.


  • low loss rate due to porous and finely fractured permeability;
  • lack of blowout equipment at the wellhead;
  • Loss is due to small fractures (the optimal size of absorbing is in the range of 5-50 mm);
  • the maximum possible density of the composition is 1.50 g / cm³;
  • acid-insoluble composition
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