Water circulation treatment systems at industrial enterprises

Scaling, corrosion and biological sediments are the main issues occurring during utilization of water circulation cycles at industrial enterprises. These issues cause a negative impact on the production process: energy consumption increases, heat transfer efficiency decreases, ope­rating costs increase.

Comprehensive programs of reactant treatment are required to increase the efficiency of water circulation cycles, heat transfer equipment and also for its protection. This kind of programs will provide:

  • protection of heat transfer equipment and pipelines against corrosion and silicate scaling;
  • maintaining the microbiologi­cal contamination of circulating water at a level corresponding to regulations and preventing the formation of biological films and biological sediments.

"Water Circulation System" Business Unit renders "Development of reactant treatment programs, supply and maintenance of chemicals of proprietary production" service within the framework of reactant treatment of water circulation cycles.

Dosing and laboratory equipment, consumables for circulation water quality analysis can be supplied optionally.

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