Description: a complex composition based on organic complexing agents with phosphonic groups.

Application: applied for effective prevention of precipitation of salts which have different chemical composition at all stages of oil recovery, transportation and treatment, for protection of wells, down hole and surface oilfield equipment under conditions of high mineralization of produced water.

Recommended discharge: inhibitor dosage makes 10–30 g/m3 and is determined to a large degree with the content of sediment forming cations in the produced water, filling with dissolved gases and specific conditions of oil extraction and oilfield equipment operation. Optimal dosage is established according to the results of pilot testing.

108Scale inhibitor DESCUM-2 ™ H-3111-Ahttps://mirrico.ru/upload/iblock/0a5/0a5ae9782a7a1fd4d1727177aa09aac5.png
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