MARTin™ robotic unit is designed for cleaning tanks from oil sludge. The MARTin unit consists of three modules, each of which can be furnished with different equipment, based on the requirements and conditions of the customer. The basic unit configuration includes:

  • Pumping and cleaning module, which consists of extraction pump and robotic device for washing out the sediments by water under high pressure.
  • Cleaning and processing module, which consists of equipment for multistage cleaning of the recovered sludge from mechanical impurities and separation of oil fraction.
  • Unloading module, which includes a platform for access of the transport carrying away the sludge cake (separated mechanical impurities), as well as oil receiving vessels. The recovered water is reused for washing-out and cleaning. Martin unit in basic configuration consists of two containers mounted on chassis.


For cleaning tanks from oil sludge with return of oil products contained in bottom sediments.

153MARTin™ technology of robotic cleaning of tanks from oil sludgehttps://mirrico.ru/upload/iblock/289/28987a8eed4f4885fa146a520697ce91.PNG
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