Description: the composition is movable, flowing liquid before cross-linking. After cross-linking it is an elastic gel, which has good adhesion to metal and rock.

Application: in oil extracting industry in drilling processes and well workover, in technologies of drilling fluid lost circulation control, in a wide range of lost circulation scales.

Recommended discharge: the cementing solution is prepared by diluting of OSNO-PLUG BS gelling agent with a concentration of 5–15 kg/m3 in fresh or saline water using standard tank farm. Then OSNO-PLUG CL chemical agent with a concentration of 5–15 kg/m3 is added to the resulting viscous solution, then the viscoelastic solution is injected into the wellbore lost-circulation zone. Chemical agent concentration depends on the nature of lostcirculation.

124OSNO-PLUG polymer cross-linked compositionhttps://mirrico.ru/upload/iblock/828/82844323bbe4fd0f1c0f95cfec35cc88.png
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