Automated sytem of monitoring and control

  • Automated system of control of the pumping station is a set of hardware and software performing control and regulation of chemicals dosing and other process parameters; effects actively on the course of the process if it strays outside of set limits;
  • Possibility of remote access with feedback via GSM module (possibility of monitoring and controlling the station via a remote computer);
  • Special software has been developed for control of the pumping station;
  • The software applied is upgraded and updated to meet requirements of customers;

Operating principle

  1. A remote terminal is a personal computer with installed software and connection to the Internet (or directly stationed in a network with a computer station);
  2. Station is a system of automated control of metering pumps engines. Based on the readings taken from the flow sensor, the program calculates the frequency of engine operation necessary for specified productivity and transfers it to the frequency converters;
  3. Readings of the flow sensor are taken on a real-time basis, and depending on the change of operating conditions or changes in the specified productivity, pump engines operation is corrected;
  4. Temperature sensor transmits the temperature reading to the station controller, which is a buffer for the readings of the temperature sensors and pressure sensors;
  5. A station controller transmits the readings taken from the sensors in the form of a digital protocol to the station computer.
  6. Station Computer-Aided Control System is designed in the way that it is fully automated, and can be controlled and diagnosed from the remote terminal. The remote terminal is a personal computer, the software shell of which complies with the appearance of the shell of the station and is completely identical to it according to the control of the station. All processes occurring at the station are displayed on a real-time basis on the monitor of a remote terminal
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