Currently, higher demands are placed on the quality of dark petroleum products. When cooled, viscosity of dark petroleum products significantly increases, as paraffins become solid. High viscosity makes it difficult to pump the product into transport pipelines, and this increases the cost of pumping, complicates discharge operations in the cold season, and can lead to formation of deposits on the walls of the tanks and equipment. Dewaxol™ pour-point depressant produced by Mirrico Group of Companies may become a solution in such cases.

Petroleum Refining and Petroleum Chemistry business-line of Mirrico Group of Companies delivers pour-point depressants, produced by Mirrico Group of Companies, and carries out technical support of reagent treatment at all stages, from laboratory selection to industrial dosing. Dewaxol™ pour-point depressants allow to reduce a freezing point / fluidity of residual fuels, and so to improve their viscous and rheological properties.

155Lowering petroleum products setting point temperature
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