Petroleum Refining and Petroleum Chemistry business-line of Mirrico Group of Companies delivers AsulpherTMhydrogen sulphide scavenger, produced by Mirrico Group of Companies, and carries out technical support of reagent treatment at all stages, from laboratory selection to industrial dosing.

Technologies used at oil refineries are constantly improving for production of large quantities of light petroleum products, which are in demand in the market. Development and rationalization do not mean only economic efficiency, but also mean maximum possible reduction of damage to the environment and personnel in the process of production, processing and operation. New industry standards have imposed a restriction on certain indicators of the quality of petroleum products, which impact negatively on the environment and human safety, also on the content of hydrogen sulphide. Currently, many oil refineries are faced with the task of bringing this indicator to the standardized values, AsulpherTM hydrogen sulphide scavenger produced by Mirrico Group of Companies may become a solution of the task.

176H2S content reduction in petroleum products
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