Description: a composition based on vegetable oil and derivatives of fatty acids

Application: for treatment of water-based drilling fluids for the purpose of reduction of a downhole frictional force, prevention of sticking in case of drilling of a vertical, directional wells. It has stuffing resistant effect.

Recommended discharge: in the process of working solution BIOLUB GREEN chemical agent with a concentration of 0,3–3% (3–30 kg/ m3) is added to the drilling fluid in case of primary treatment and the same with a concentration of 0,1–0,5% (1–5 kg/m3) is added in case of second treatment.

97BIOLUB GREEN biodegradable lubricant for drillinghttps://mirrico.ru/upload/iblock/35b/35b451ed54adb75e0bb3c6b736280149.png
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