• Supply of chemicals to all regions of the Russian Federation, as well as to Kazakhstan, Belarus, Uzbekistan;
  • Integrated supplies. A complete range of chemicals for various types of drilling fluids and cementing slurries;
  • Engineering in the field of chemical solutions for drilling fluids includes:
    • audit of the customer's facility;
    • development of chemical solutions in the R&D lab of the Chemicals for Drilling and Production Business Unit;
    • process engineer support during implementation of chemical solutions;
    • industrial usage by the Customer;
    • author's supervision;
    • increase in efficiency (modifications for additional requirements).
  • MBS Software.


  • Creation of chemical solutions according to technical requirements of the customers;
  • Rendering services of testing the chemicals and selection of chemical solutions for:
    • Drilling;
    • Cementing;
    • Well completion.
290Supply of drilling chemicals
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