Development and implementation of catalysts
Development and implementation of catalysts

Increasing throughput, compliance of the quality of oil products with European standards are the main tasks that oil refineries have to deal with. In order to resolve these issues in conditions of increasing share of high-viscosity oil processing, changes in oil processing technology, improvement of catalytic processes is required in particular.

Catalytic cracking is a technological process for processing heavy ends to get additional amount of light hydrocarbons. A vacuum gas oil with high content of sulfur, nitrogenous and organometallic compounds is a raw material of the process, that leads to an increase in the rate of catalyst deactivation, as well as to a reduction in the separation of light oil products — gasoline, diesel fuel.

As part of development and implementation of catalysts, "Mirrico" group of companies offers Atren Cat a proprietary granular cracking catalyst, which is featured by high-performance activity and resistance to poisoning of various additives.

Advantages of using catalyst of "Mirrico" group of companies:

  • possibility to use catalysts on low quality raw material;
  • reduction of catalyst procurement costs;
  • increasing the amount and quality level of light hydrocarbons;
  • reduction of energy costs for the operation of catalytic cracking units 43/102 with a moving catalyst bed.

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