Recovery enhancement and water shut off

Reservoir fluid production rate inevitably decreases during the exploitation of oil and gas fields. Methods of enhanced oil recovery (MEOR) are the only technique that allows maintaining oil production level, thereby increasing the period of profitable exploitation of oil and gas fields.

Enhanced oil recovery methods are the following:

  1. thermal;
  2. gas;
  3. chemical;
  4. hydrodynamic;
  5. combined methods;
  6. methods for increasing well productivity, etc.

It should be remembered that increase in production rates inevitably causes the following problems:

  • increased water cut;
  • damages to the well structure, caused by repair and perforating-explosive operations in the well bore, as well as corrosion processes developing in course of production of underground fluids.

They can be resolved by repair and insulation works (RIW), that will allow to:

  1. Reduce water cut;
  2. Reduce costs for separation and discharge of produced water;
  3. Restore water tightness and integrity of the well structure.

As part of chemical enhanced oil recovery methods, "Reagents for Drilling and Production" Business Unit specializes in the supply of chemicals for intensification of oil production and fracturing.

In the frame of water suppression, "Chemical Treatment of Wells" Business Unit renders repair and insulation works services.

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