Increasing pipeline capacity

A number of problems arise when transporting oil via pipelines, one of them is the linear hydrodynamic resistance. When contacting pipeline walls, layers of oil change direction from ordered (laminar) to vortexual (chaotic) motion. The resulting turbulence creates friction and traction, which should be cured by increasing the pumping force leading to the increase of the pumping cost.

There are different ways of resolving the turbulence issue:

  • technological - construction of additional pumping stations, looping;
  • chemical - anti-turbulent additives.

As a result of effective use of anti-turbulent additives, oil and gas producers get:

  • energy consumption and capital costs reduction;
  • pipeline capacity increase;
  • increase of operational reliability of linear pipeline by effective reduction of internal pipe pressure.

"Mirrico" Group offers innovative chemical solutions of own production for increasing pipeline capacity:

and also renders services of:

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