The absence of polymer in the in the composition implies a totally different mechanism of the formation of the structured gel. At the dissolution of the product in water, spherical micelles are formed, the solution rheology remains the same, and viscosity does not increase. After adding the activator agent, spherical micelle structure turns into worm tube: Immediate formation of viscoelastic gel.


As a liquids thickener for the water-based hydraulic fracturing fluids.

Recommended consumption: added into fresh water in 3–5% concentration and stirred until fully dissolved. Formation of viscoelastic gel is achieved by activation adding 1–3% activator agent.

101System of guar-free hydraulic fracturing fluids Ves-Frachttps://mirrico.ru/upload/iblock/715/71541bb26d8924b2d1cd14fafe874a9a.jpg


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