Polymer flooding is a technology of oil recovery enhancement by increasing the reservoir sweep factor and decreasing the residual oil saturation in the washed-out zone by means of reduction of oil mobility to displacement agent mobility ratio in the reservoir layer.

Application areas

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) (Methods of Enhanced Oil Recovery).

Service rendering stages

  1. Selection of target object for the pilot project (3-5 months.)*;
  2. Selection of chemicals composition (2-3 months.);
  3. Justification of efficiency (2-3 months);
  4. Assembly of special equipment (6-10 months);
  5. Logistics and service (12-24 months).
  6. *average length of every stage. Some stages are implemented in parallel.

1. Selection of target object for pilot project:

  • Collecting and analyzing information on the facility in operation;
  • Rendering a complete set of tracer surveys including selection and injection of tracers, as well as interpretation of the results;
  • Running analysis of information obtained and selecting the oilfield section most suitable for the applied technology.

2. Selection of chemicals composition:

  • Testing rheological properties and phase behavior of fluids;
  • Performing test of filtering flows on core samples;
  • Selecting associated chemicals (surfactants, biocides, demulsifiers);
  • A broad technological range of oilfield chemical products for protection of equipment from chemical corrosion of any type is available;
  • We have ready-to-use technological solutions for separation of oil emulsions during the process of preparation of oil for refining, in case if polymer-based EOR technologies are applied.

Justification of technology efficiency (preparing feasibility study):

  • Uploading and configuring the section model into Reveal reservoir simulator;
  • Performing calculations with variation of input data (tracking effects of injection of various proposed chemicals in various concentrations and injection volumes). Selecting several optimal models;
  • Calculating the potential effect and draft technical and economic evaluation report on the proposed activities;
  • Providing alternative options for implementing the technology to the customer before starting the pilot tests.

4. Special equipment assembly:

  • Together with our partners, we develop technical design of special modular equipment for injecting polymer solution;
  • Get the technological scheme and engineering grids connection layout approved by the customer.

5. Logistics and service:

  • We deliver the equipment to the work site;
  • Assembling, connecting and performing commissioning of the equipment on the work site;
  • Supplying the chemicals to the work site;
  • Performing chemicals storage conditions control, warehousing and security control;
  • Implementing injection of the technological fluid using special equipment;
  • Performing supervision over technological fluid injection operations;
  • Performing sampling and monitoring the injection process;
  • Providing regular reports to the customer.
424Polymer flooding
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