Atren GB (Technical specifications, TU 2458-029-82330939-2009) is used for oxidative decomposition of gels formed during hydraulic fracturing of the reservoir. At temperatures above 30°C, Atren GB enters into an oxidizing reaction with chains of hydrocarbons in polymer gel and destroys their structure. Atren GB is usually used at concentrations ranging from 40 to 250 g/m³.

Transportation and storage

The product is transported by rail and road, in enclosed transport in line with cargo transportation rules. The shelf life of Atren GB in closed original package is not less than 6 months.

92Breaker for cross-linked fast acting gel ATREN GBhttps://mirrico.ru/upload/iblock/26b/26bb0590a2e7d3f2637681c75b855ed1.jpg


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