Research and development center (RDC)
Objectives of RDC

The main objective of the company’s RDC – is development of new products, development policy administration for maintenance of all types of research works by existing and new fields of study, as well as for coordination of innovation activity of business-units, participation in innovative business-processes:

  • Production and development of company innovative products portfolio;
  • Development of innovation-oriented culture and processes in the company;
  • Participation in design, monitoring and control of innovative activity of the company’s business subdivisions;
  • Ensuring availability of competitive products and technologies portfolio of the company, complying with target markets requirements;
  • Development of scientific and technological facilities;
Goals of rdc
  • Innovative projects control and implementation;
  • Execution of scientific and technical expert examination of products innovative projects in the company;
  • Coordination of research work of applied research laboratories;
  • Continuous improvement of research work methods, arrangement of high-quality technical support of products and technologies;
  • Promotion of the company’s employees engagement in innovative activity and motivating them to interdisciplinary partnership;
  • Arrangement of cooperation with external partners, clients, state authorities relating to innovative activity;

Laboratory facilities of the company involve research and testing institutes, developing new products and technologies for various activity areas of the group of companies.

Structure of RDC
Purpose of the laboratory
  • Quality control– arrangement and carrying out quality control of products, technological processes, development of remedial and preventive actions, intended to upgrade final products;
  • Management and carrying out of activity on evaluation of chemical products conformity to stipulated requirements;
  • Receipt inspection of incoming stock;
  • Acceptance control of final products.
Applied scientific research laboratories (SRL)
Purpose of the laboratory
Development of new efficient agents and technologies for drilling activity, cementing process, as well as for increasing of reservoir recovery rate.
Purpose of the laboratory
Development of competitive new ones and improvement of existing formulations of agents for oil and oil products recovery and transportation.
Purpose of the laboratory
Development of competitive products and solutions for the processes of oil and gas processing, petro-chemistry, for quality improvement of commercial oil products.
Purpose of the laboratory
Development and synthesis of new agents, improvement of drilling mud formulations, creation and management of drilling mud loss-circulation control system.
Purpose of the laboratory
The search and implementation of effective chemical solutions for water treatment
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