Reagents for Drilling and Production Business Unit deals with development, individual selection and supply of a wide range of reagents with complex chemical composition with a high engineering component for well construction and oil production. The business unit actively develops and successfully implements both standard drilling mud systems for the most common geological and technological conditions, and unique technologies for solution of specific problems in drilling.

Core services:

  • Trading is selection and delivery of chemical reagents for drilling and cementing of wells and oil production of own and third-party production in accordance with specific geological and technical features of the customer and taking into account specific conditions of drilling in Russia and in the CIS countries.
  • Engineering is engineering of drilling mud systems, testing of them using modern laboratory equipment, and support of implementation of a developed chemical solution while drilling a well by skilled chemical engineers.

Advantages of working with Reagents for Drilling and Production Business Unit of Mirrico Group of Companies:

  • A wide array of supplied chemical reagents (20 reagents of own production);
  • Favorable price / quality ratio;
  • A wide network of production and storage facilities in many cities of Russia, a constant stock of chemicals allows to draw up optimal delivery schemes and to deliver chemical reagents at the appropriate times.
  • Competent technological service.

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