Area of business of Production Division:

Area of business Core services
Oilfield chemistry

Selection and delivery of reagents of own manufacture, destined to protect oilfield equipment against different types of troubles, and to increase the efficiency of technological processes of oil production, treatment and transportation.

Pipeline transportation of hydrocarbons

Selection and delivery of additives to increase pipeline transmission capacity, rental of plants and service associated with dosing of anti-turbulent additives, performance of hydraulic calculations of pipelines.

Robot-assisted cleaning of a vertical steel tank

Service associated with cleaning of oilfield equipment from different deposits with MARTin unique robotic equipment with subsequent phase separation of extracted bottom sediments, and the possibility of delivery (sale) of complete equipment with individual components.

Complex chemization

Selection, implementation, application (delivery, dosing), monitoring and analysis of the results of solutions of problems the customer has in the process of production, collection, treatment and transportation of oil.

Advantages of working with Production Division of Mirrico Group of Companies:

  • Great experience in the development and modernization of chemical reagents, taking into account customer’s individual requirements, features of the facilities and their location;
  • Own production of chemical reagents ensuring stable quality and optimal price of the products used;
  • Highly effective and energy-saving solutions for the processes of pipeline transportation of hydrocarbons.

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