Chemical Treatment of Wells Business Unit one of the leaders in implementation of technological solutions based on chemical methods of impact on the formation and oil fields on the 3d or 4th stages of development, in terms of the quantity and quality of indicator researches among Russian companies.

Core services:

  • Consulting, development, laboratory selection and adaptation of oil recovery enhancement technologies and oil production stimulation, taking into account geological features, and other customer’s conditions;
  • Preparation and injection of chemical compounds using own specialized equipment;
  • Monitoring of the results of the work performed.

Advantages of working with Chemical Treatment of Wells Business Unit of Mirrico Group of Companies:

  • wide services portfolio for oil recovery enhancement:
    • o effective reagents for different geological conditions;
    • wide range of technologies for conformance control;
    • integrated approach to the tasks associated with working with a formation;
  • services portfolio for simulation of production in wells with high and low injectability;
  • own unique solutions for squeeze cementing and water control;
  • wide range of indicators to perform indicator researches.

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